Midnight Mayhem Races

Midnight Mayhem Night Races

WHAT IS A MIDNIGHT MAYHEM RACE? :     Midnight Mayhem races are Illinois’ premier midnight running event!  The races are held at various trail location throughout the region and are as much about the thrill of running through the woods at night as they are about actually racing against yourself and your peers!   You get rugged offroad trails, throw in some mud, some hills and the exhilaration of being totally disoriented in the woods at night and you have total MAYHEM!

Mayhem races are family friendly events though we have been known to make choice beverages available to our 21+ year old runners after the events (when the venue allows).  Since these races start at 11:59pm, kids will think it’s a ton of fun to be out in the woods well past any reasonable bedtime!   Adults will find these races to be challenging and invigorating…and just maybe it will bring out that inner youth that’s been laying repressed by too much road running.All runners are required to have a head-lamp during the run!   Excellent lights can be obtained from your local big box stores for about $10-$20.

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Awards:   Overall Male/Female for each distance
1st-3rd place Male/Female for 15 and under (Juniors)   1st-3rd place Male/Female for 16 to 39 (Open)   1st-3rd place Male/Female for 40 to 55 (Masters)   1st-3rd place Male/Female for 56 and up (Grand Masters)